About Burgerizz

We only use the highest quality ingredients.
The result is a taste you can swear by.

Our Story

We’ve started our first branch in Al Hashmi Al Shamali in Amman. We started with a small menu and a small shop with limited capabilities, but with the highest quality specifications. Our vision encouraged the principle of high quality and continuous development, and in the late of 2016 the entire design of the branch was enlarged and changed.

We opened Khalda branch in Amman and here was a great change, as our customer base increased and the menu options expanded to meet all the desires and tastes of our customers. We also entered strongly in social media, and in this year Bergerizz restaurants was opened due to the high turnout Continuously increasing, developing work steps and maintaining continuous quality and organization of the production process

7th Circle branch has been launched in Amman and we developed our work in terms of improving quality and production and maintaining quality and hygiene standards, which are among our most important priorities.

The external image of the restaurants has been developed in terms of logo, following new mechanisms and a new unified system for all branches to provide the best final product to the customer, technological and practical development, career ladder and an increase in manpower

Jubeiha branch has been launched in Amman. We have also made a comprehensive and radical development in the identity of restaurants, where modern decorations were designed that fit our vision to provide the best quality and development within the area of operations.

We aim to provide high quality service
and fulfill our customers needs.


We managed to make great achievements backed by values, principles and our strength resources which provide us with competitive advantages in the work market in order to participate actively in developing the community that embraces us.

Original Recipes
High Quality
Best Service
Fast Delivery